December 2, 2022

20 things to do in San Pancho

San Pancho is a magical little town located in Riviera Nayarit, right on the Pacific coastline. Among its colorful cobblestone streets and gentle waves, you will find thousands of activities to take your vacation to the next level. Whether you have an adventurous spirit, prefer a quiet and meditative getaway, or want to delight your palate with the most exquisite flavors, here are 20 things to do in San Pancho so that you have an unforgettable vacation.


Have a beach day

Pack your bathing suit and some crunchy snacks to thoroughly enjoy a day in the sun. The beaches in San Pancho are small natural paradises with warm sands and unforgettable landscapes where the sea and the mountains blend harmoniously. If you want to have an amazing time with your family and friends, this is the place.

Visit the town

If you prefer to use your day to discover the local culture, then be sure to tour the town. Its handmade craft shops, local restaurants with delicious pot coffee, and friendly citizens, always willing to help, promise a quiet walk full of pleasant surprises at every corner.

Become a wave king

If adrenaline and extreme sports are your things, then you are probably aware that San Pancho is one of the most popular surfing destinations on this side of the country, perfect for you to prepare your surfboard and become a wave king. Even if you are a beginner, there are several schools for you to practice before striking out on your own.

Discover the events calendar

San Pancho is one of the cultural epicenters of the Riviera Nayarit, always with an event just around the corner. From its famous music festival or patron saint festivities to impromptu artistic sessions that you can find any day in the main square. Dare to discover them

Participate in the turtle releases

For those looking to escape the cold and visiting between the months of November and April, the periodic turtle releases are an unmissable spectacle. Local ecological groups come together for the preservation and protection of the nests of this friendly species, so you can reach your favorite one to ask about their upcoming events.

Delight your sense of taste

San Pancho is a unique culinary destination with a wide range of international and fusion cuisine inspired by the most famous dishes and techniques in the world, as well as a local vision that reflects the coastline worldview of an entire town. If you are wondering what to do in San Pancho, be sure to try the unique flavors that the little town has to offer.

Meditate and reflect

Being sheltered by the abundant nature of the Sierra Madre and the always-blue Pacific Ocean, San Pancho is a quiet place that invites introspection and self-analysis. Here you can find a quiet place fitted to your liking and spend a few moments listening to your deepest Self.

Treat yourself to a Spa treatment

At Agua de Luna, we have a wide catalog of massages for you and your travel companion to treat yourselves to a deeply renewing and energizing moment of well-being. Enjoy the relaxing natural vibe all around you as our experienced therapists work wonders on your muscle

Visit the market

If you're looking for that perfect little gift to take back, then be sure to visit the San Pancho market, a place where you'll find everything from fresh fruits and wonderful designer clothes to souvenirs and Mexican toys to take with you as memories.

Go for a walk

Whether you're a hiker or just enjoy putting one foot in front of the other and seeing where the path takes you, San Pancho is an excellent place for those who like to perform the most common of exercises, with dozens of trails for all levels of experience.

Go on a photo safari

Here, you'll find unique sights, as well as hundreds of different species of animals and plants that you can build an amazing Instagram feed around. You can even play a little game with your friends: whoever takes the fewest photos pays for dinner!

Go to the Art Walk

Every Friday, in the busiest months, you can enjoy the local and international talent on Tercer Mundo Avenue, the town's main street, where multiple artists set up their stalls and exhibit their works. Take a tour of an amazing outdoor gallery and pick up a new painting or two in the process.

Visit the whales

Between December and March, the impressive humpback whales come to the Banderas Bay region to have their calves in calm and warm waters, offering an unmissable natural spectacle for locals and visitors alike, so get on one of the authorized boats and go out to the open sea to accompany them.

Eat handmade chocolat

Mexicolate is a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the art of chocolate production and looking to show the wonders of cocoa, a very typical ancient ingredient within the national territory. If you want to learn a bit of history and try unique flavors, visit their store, located at the entrance of the town.

Get involved in volunteering

If you like volunteering and charity, the EntreAmigos community center is a must-stop. Various community outreach activities and products made by students and vulnerable groups are offered here, so it's an excellent opportunity for those with a heart of gold.

Do some yoga

Breathe in bright blue and fill your lungs with the spectacular vibe of San Pancho with a good yoga session in front of the sea. Let yourself be carried away by the rhythmic sway of the waves while you stretch your muscles, reconnect with the deepest parts of your being and tune in with the universe.

See the local birds

The area around the town is home to hundreds of colorful species of birds, both some that live here year-round and those that migrate seasonally. If you are looking for a true ecotourism experience, you can approach some of the tour companies and ask for a birdwatching session.

Visit the Marietas Islands

The Islas Marietas National Park is a protected natural area adjacent to the region, with hundreds of species of plants and all kinds of animals that you can visit if you are looking for a natural paradise. Admission is limited since the priority is the conservation of biodiversity, so we recommend you schedule your tour in advance.

Play polo at La Patrona

For lovers of equestrian art, the La Patrona polo club is the ideal option. Located just 5 minutes by car from Agua de Luna, here you can enjoy a sporting spectacle like no other, surrounded by nature, beautiful landscapes, and the best service.

Discover the Tierra Tropical beach club

The Tierra Tropical beach club is the ideal space for you and your loved ones to enjoy a day under the sun, with the soft sea breeze accompanying you at all times and exquisite cocktails always on hand.

Of course, these are just a few ideas for your vacation, and the answers to what to do in San Pancho are endless – a plethora of activities that you can discover the next time you visit this magical little town on the Mexican coast. At Agua de Luna, we await you with open arms, and we have many more surprises prepared for you.

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