February 14, 2023

5 ideas for an unforgettable Valentine's Day in San Pancho

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and romance is in the air. Little by little, abundant red roses begin to fill the flower shops, and fluffy stuffed animals, the shop windows. Day by day, our favorite socialities will share their special plans, our favorite brands will get a little more poetic, and everything everywhere will be tainted pink.

If you can't wait to celebrate this special date with your better half, but you're still not sure how to do it, then you've come to the right place! Today, we’ll share five ideas for an unforgettable Valentine's Day in San Pancho, the cultural capital of the beautiful state of Nayarit.


A picnic on the beach

Let the rhythmic sway of the waves and the soft salty breeze turn your date into an intensely magical moment. A seaside picnic is a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day in contact with nature, and our beautiful San Pancho offers a unique setting, sandwiched between the soft sands of the Pacific and the evergreen Sierra Madre.

Prepare a basket with delicacies of all kinds, find the ideal place under the shade of a leafy palm tree, and treat yourselves to a moment just for you two in one of the most wonderful destinations on the West coast of Mexico.

A romantic getaway

Extend your picnic in paradise and stay a little longer in this tropical oasis. In San Pancho, you will find activities for all tastes, from boutiques with clothes made by local artisans, through art exhibitions and music sessions in the main square, to restaurants and bistros for a meal full of Mexican flavor.

If you like nature –breathing a Bohemian, renewing, and energizing air–, Agua de Luna will be the place for you, with wide spaces inspired by the strength of geometric shapes and the beauty of the regional vegetation. A deep sensory delight.

When making your reservation, call us and ask about the special amenities for couples that we will have in February 2023: a delicious complimentary rosé wine, themed decoration in your suite, a 15% discount on an in-room massage, and more, subject to availability.

A dinner under the stars

Between its cobbled streets and romantic nooks, San Pancho hides unparalleled culinary feats, with dishes that promise a journey through the traditional flavors of Mexico, combining haute cuisine techniques with fresh, native ingredients of the region. Its bistros, restaurants, and cafés are small bubbles where the good seasoning that defines the gastronomy of our country abounds.

Find the perfect restaurant for you and make a reservation for an unforgettable night under the stars.

A chocolate tasting

What is more typical of Valentine's Day than chocolate? Soft, bitter, with milk, white... this delicious sweet that has become the favorite of many is the go-to gift for February and there is no better place to indulge that sweet craving than in the land of cocoa and corn.

Mexicolate is a local company that is dedicated to the production of chocolate, using native and organic cocoa. In its branches, you can find all kinds of presentations, from chocolates and bars to beans and cocoa. The perfect place to visit on a date.

A walk as a couple

If you like to walk, you can take a hand-in-hand tour through the captivating streets of San Pancho, where you will find surprises and wonders everywhere. If you feel adventurous and like sports, you can even venture into one of the many trails for hiking in the mountains, such as the famous hike to the Buddha.

This Valentine's Day, let the natural charm of San Pancho accompany your plans and take them to the next level.

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