November 7, 2022

Enjoy the Walk to the Buddha of San Pancho

San Pancho is the perfect destination for nature and sports enthusiasts. With endless paths to discover that span across the beach and the mountains, this coastal destination located less than an hour from Puerto Vallarta has become a favorite for those who love hiking and outdoor exercise. When exploring its surroundings, you will find all kinds of colorful flowers, curious wild animals such as birds or the occasional badger, and the best panoramic views of the bay, available at the top of the mountain range.

The walk to the Buddha is one of the most popular walks, but also, some would say, one of the most demanding ones, since it is an uphill journey of approximately two hours in which you will walk along dirt roads with almost no signposting. Even so, the challenge is well worth it, since the landscapes that accompany the climb and the statue that is found at the end are spectacular.

If you have an adventurous soul and want to embark on a weekend adventure, here we tell you everything you need to know about the path to the Buddha.


How to get to the Buddha of San Pancho?

The first thing you should know is that from downtown it will take approximately two hours to get to the Buddha statue and that a large part of the way will be on a dirt road and uphill, so we recommend that you take the necessary precautions – carry enough water with you to hydrate on the way and do some light stretching before starting, to avoid possible cramps.

From the colorful center of San Pancho, you have to locate the America Latina street and start heading north, towards Camino a las Clavelinas. This path will take you on a parallel to the sea walk, so you can enjoy incredible views of the ocean and take dozens of photos to document your journey through Mexican lands.

Once you have reached the Camino a las Clavelinas, you will have to continue straight in the same direction. You will see that the road forks at the Nemesio Cisneros Madrigal walkway in a deviation to the beach, but you must stay on the Camino a las Clavelinas path for approximately 25 more minutes before turning.

Eventually, on your left side, you will see a sign indicating the way to Tailwing Jungle Lodge, it is important that you continue along the path to the left, on which you will find a beautiful bougainvillea plant. This is how you will know that you are on the right path: thanks to the blessings of nature.

From this point, you only have approximately 45 to 50 more minutes of walking left. Along the way, you will see a sign that says “Camino al Buda”, so you have to pay attention to your left since it is on that side that you will see the beautiful statue.

Once you have arrived, enjoy! Sit back, relax, and be amazed by the offerings that other adventurers have left in the Buddha, as well as the wonderful views of the sea and the surroundings. When you're ready to head home, just turn around and start your journey back.

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