December 5, 2022

Delight your senses at the Sope Festival in San Pancho

This December will be full of surprises for gastronomy lovers and cultural tourism enthusiasts since, once again, the colorful town of San Pancho will host the Festival del Sope or Sope Festival, a unique event in which experienced national and international chefs will come together to pay homage to one of the most famous traditional dishes of Mexican cuisine.

From December 15 to 18, locals and visitors alike will be able to delight their senses and rediscover the flavors of corn combined with exquisite gourmet garnishes, topped with juicy sauces and accompanied by the refreshing Su Pancha Madre craft beer, a jewel of San Pancho.

Agua de Luna, our Bohemian boutique hotel, joins the celebration as one of the two festival venues. Here you can enjoy a delicious tasting menu, listen to the best live music, and revel in a spectacular atmosphere.


Innovative Flavors

The sope is an ancient dish of pre-Hispanic origin. Its preparation is an art since, unlike a common tortilla, the "tortilla" of the sope is a little more spongy and wide. A variety of garnishes are placed on top of it, from soft meats to options made exclusively from vegetables and even mixtures of both.

During the festival, this classic recipe will be brought to the 21st century, explored and reinvented by each of the guest chefs, personalities from France, New Zealand, Argentina, the Czech Republic, and, of course, Mexico, pursuing a cosmopolitan vision that, at the same time, fits perfectly with the culinary worldview of our country.

Of course, to accompany the creative presentations of sopes, you cannot pass a good sip of Su Pancha Madre, San Pancho's quintessential craft beer, a drink created to offer those who love unique flavors an authentic experience deeply connected with its surroundings, something that generates a direct link with the community in town.

The program

From December 15 to 18, 2022, the Su Pancha Madre restaurant and the Agua de Luna boutique hotel will be the two venues for the Sope Festival, welcoming all those interested in exploring the art of Mexican cuisine.

December 15 and 16 Su Pancha Madre

The main branch of Su Pancha Madre, located next to the main square, dresses up for a party. Here you can rediscover the sope and pair it to your liking while you relax in a leafy garden with the best company, always listening to soft chatter and harmonic music in the background.

December 17 and 18 Agua de Luna

Enjoy an exquisite 5-course menu at Agua de Luna. Each of the different flavors of sope that will be waiting for you will be an adventure in itself, with textures, colors, and aromas never seen before. Let yourself be enchanted by the incredible atmosphere, live music, and warm lighting all around you.

From December 15 to 18, starting at 7 pm and all the way to 9:30 pm, the action is in San Pancho.


If you want to know more about access and tickets or have any questions, at Agua de Luna, we are here to help you! Send us a message, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

If you want to know more about access and tickets or have any questions, at Agua de Luna, we are here to help you! Send us a message, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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